Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All of my announcements at once.

So there I was, refreshing every webcomic site on my bookmarks list, annoyed at my favourite artists for getting JOBS and losing time to cheer me up every morning. For free. You know how it is.

Then I got a job. A job that was essentially blogging, so just as I stopped cleaning my own bathroom or kitchen when I worked as a hotel maid (sorry: suite attendant), I stopped writing here.

Things were good! Mildly stressful. Working from home for people several time zones away meant that I worked into my regular gin time, but that I could sleep in in the morning.

Then, a new addition to the family. I must introduce you to Rambo! Perhaps with a photo he took himself.

Cute as a button, non?

In any case, the bloggy job is winding down, because I just finished my first day at my ultimate dream job. It's going to be loads of work, lots of screen-time, and probably plenty of blogging too.

So what am I doing, am I officially announcing a hiatus from crafting? No. But I've not been putting any pressure on myself, at least not in this vein, and I can't see a reason to crack down now.

Don't worry. I'll be back. Things are good. Much love.