Monday, August 27, 2012

I just moved on Thursday

 And thought I would share the very few moments of the end of the summer that I chose to photograph. The first is my setup for transcribing at home. It was fantastic, but my eyes got tired pretty quickly. Also the movie that is currently playing was awful, so I put on Coastal Seas to match the seafood section I was typing up. Doesn't look like you can see my beer but trust me, it was there.
 I threw a successful potluck for the first time ever. I can't believe we'd never thought of moving the table so people can actually get through this room. Dante found it very confusing. At first everything was cool because he had more room to sleep, but once people started arriving he got a bit stressed and ended up pooping the party rather literally.
 And now, I'm right into the swing of things. The room is a little jail cell-ish, but only because there are bars on the windows and I don't have any nails to hang my pictures yet. But they're pretty bars, and I brought all of my motivational/congratulatory cards.
In general, it was very difficult to take anything of sentimental value, because I was so sad to think of it not being at home waiting for me. It's a very odd feeling being here. I made the decision to come to Vancouver because the things making me unhappy in Waterloo were outweighing the things making me happy. I was worried about giving the latter up too, and so it was incredibly tough. May and June were the toughest slogs, I think. But I don't know, maybe since I quit my job? Maybe since I went to Algonquin with the family, or maybe once I had recovered from that kidney infection, maybe even since camping with Willie, since seeing my mom a little bit happier for the first time since I'd come home, I'd grown to be the happiest I've been since coming home from undergrad.

I know that happiness may have come from the knowledge that I was leaving, and especially in the growing confidence that I wouldn't have to give up the good things, but I think until my classes start I'm going to keep questioning whether this was the right thing to do.

In any case, I'll be heading to Victoria for labour day weekend, for a last hurrah to summer, and for a holiday where I won't be stressed about moving, or about school. I WILL be stressed about accounting though, unless I finish it now. So I'll get back on that.

Monday, August 20, 2012

I am moving on Thursday

So I should really start packing, or organizing, or tying up SOME loose ends.

I'm reasonably on schedule, I think.

But more importantly, FONTS!

I'm getting nervous about school, and most of all I'm getting nervous about the design component. I'm really looking forward to it, since I would love to incorporate my love for creating pretty things and my love for books and publishing, but I have no experience whatsoever. I've done up a couple of ads for W&W, but the fact that someone else has done every single one since then tells me maybe my choices weren't the best. But on the other hand I was given free reign with press releases, so who knows. Maybe I just need some text to incorporate. Anyway, the biggest problem is that the program uses software I've never used before. Apparently it's pretty similar to what I've been using at my internship, so I'll play around with it tomorrow morning when I go in for my last session. And of course I bought a book for reference.

I would be a lot more sad about it being the last session if they weren't taking me out for lunch.

I am hoping to feed this blog more regularly and more interestingly starting next week, although things might just get too exciting. We shall see!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


 I've missed a week, being in bed with a nasty kidney infection. It's disappointing, because I have to little time left and had to spend it in bed, but Willie and the dog made sure I wasn't completely cut off from from everything. And, you know, was alive.

These days, the infection's gone, but I'm cranky due to heartburn from the antibiotics, and from the fact that my window of time to eat dairy every day is so disappointingly small. 

Meanwhile, before this all happened, was a family camping weekend on Canisbay Lake.
 In a damaged canoe.
 My mom and I were sitting in the bottom of the canoe. It was, in the end, quite a bit of water.
 But at least it was only us that got wet, and not any equipment that we might have brought along.