Friday, April 27, 2012

Trying Something New

 Willie left for Germany a week ago tomorrow. I think I'm finally through moping about it! Although I found out I've got absolutely no days off for, well, as long as is scheduled, which is until NEXT Saturday. I do sort of have the evening off right now though, and coincidentally enough, Willie asked how his quilt was coming along. So yeah, I guess I promised that.

For my last two quilts I've been going out of a book my sister-in-law gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago. But, finally, I think I've moved past the quilting section. It's very straight-forward, but doesn't leave a whole lot of room for change, and they don't teach you anything fancy (except for applique, I guess, which is pretty cool). So, I started going through some of the books my grandmother gave me. Most of them are the same sort of idea, being various patterns to go off of, like I used for the Buffy the Vampire Star Christmas Table Runner. BUT I discovered a chart that says exactly the yardage of material you need for any given number of triangles, squares, and rectangles of any measurement you can think of. Which means I'm trying my hand at designing my own quilt right from scratch!

The pieces are going to be huge, I realize that. But hopefully I can make up for it with my fine stitching and maybe even some neato embroidery like Jillian Tamaki or Anna Maria Horner seem to enjoy doing.

 The colours are a bit off, since I'm using crayons... but I was inspired by a cushion in soft grey and eggshell that was sitting on a chair when the same sister-in-law draped her bright orange-red jacket over top. So that's where the red/grey/peach idea comes from, even though I intend for the peach to be, well, much less peach.

Also, it snowed pretty hard the other day. I think I might like the last snowfall of the year just as much as the first one. And it reminds me that I must get the snow tires taken off of my car.
That's all for now. I might still scrap this whole idea and find a pattern I like after all, but it's nice to be ambitious for the moment.

And now: Cabin in the Woods!!!

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