Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blom Brothers' Birthday Bash

 Oh yeah, I have a blog that I should maybe update sometimes. Not too much happening in the past weeks, other than celebrations for my brothers' birthdays. Lots of work, keeping busy, spending some time with the niece. Wanted an adorable picture, but she saw me and made this face...
 But still, enjoyed some excellent sausages on buns, with a bottle of Tavel, which apparently is one of the only authentic rosés.
 It's quite delicious.
 On the quilting front, I'm getting there. I finished the cutting!
 There was a lot of it.
 And some piecing.
And more piecing. NOW I have to make the star blocks. But then I just sew 'em all together, add some borders, and the quilt top is done! Yeah!

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