Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last Chance to Relax

 I'm back from Victoria and straight into classes. I feel terrible for anyone who asks me to do something that isn't publishing, but it's so stressful trying to immerse yourself in something only to have everyday life get in your way. It comes down to being relieved enough to cry when the waitress doesn't bother to ask if you want to take the rest of your poutine home, because you don't have to find the time to have poutine for breakfast. My mom's been here trying to keep me grounded, but she's gone back to Victoria until Sunday, and then will be flying home again. In a lot of ways I don't know what I'll do with myself when she's gone, but in many others I think I will be happy to get out of the family/Ontario/non-publishing/vacation mindset. Too many mindsets at once is too much for anyone.
 Anyhoo, had some lovely treks through what I thought was rainforest, but might just be forest forest. There were some pretty big stumps, but I guess there had been logging somewhat recently, so the trees were only "rather large" on the Ontario scale.
 I also went to the Butchart Gardens, because I'd never been before, and because people kept asking me if I had. While I'm not an avid gardener, I enjoy a good flower or two, so I enjoyed it immensely. I mean look at all the begonias!!!!! My mom says she'll plant a begonia bed around my peony bush for when I come home. Awesome, I say. I've also decided that I want my own giant sturgeon fountain.

 For some reason they don't have a bus leaving the gardens between 1:00pm and 4:00pm, so we had an hour to kill. But there was a boat tour around the surrounding waterways that took 45 minutes! So we did that, and it may have been the best part of the whole trip.
 There were purple martin lodgings, and I think I saw a couple, but I don't really know what purple martins look like, so they could have been swallows or something.
 I thought this island was a first nations burial ground, but it turns out I was on the wrong side of the boat, and the actual island was much further out.
 Apparently I have good luck with seals! But I think I have better luck with Coyotes, since I've run into them alone in the street twice now. So long as they're not rabid, I guess.
And, of course, MOON JELLIES!!!!!!


  1. I want a giant sturgeon fountain...

  2. If I ever get one, I'll ask the guy if there's another one kicking around in the back room :D