Friday, October 19, 2012

Cushion Detail

Some late-night cushion detail. This is just a pillow case, and is the easiest thing to make. Maybe not the easiest ever, but... well you'll see.
 It's essentially a rectangle of fabric. Fold it in half and sew two edges.
 We don't have a sewing machine, so we did ours by hand. I used a backstitch! Looks pretty pro.
 Until you look at the other side. But it should hold together pretty well. I didn't attach the third side. I just shoved the pillow and did a nice tuck like I learned to do when I cleaned hotel rooms. Very crisply :)
 Today, I went to what was shamefully my first conference! I got a lanyard and everything. There were little tags to write your twitter handle on, but I felt a bit silly and as if anyone would be reading my tweets anyway, but then I ended up feeling rather technologically backward. Which, at a tech conference, is a little sad. But the eBook information workshop restored my confidence. These instructors are teaching us well.
 And my package of magazines came in the mail today! I'm particularly excited for this feature!

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