Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Cookies


With everyone's favourite special guest: Christmas coloured vanilla chips!

Me? Oh, just whipping up some sugar cookies to decorate, with a handy mug of white hot chocolate.

The chocolate colouring? Oh, that's because of the Kahlua.

Almost ready!

It IS difficult to get a real red with food colouring. Good thing we bought those pink glitter sprinkles.

Talia confuses cookie decorating with finger-painting

We used regular buttercream icing for decorating, as opposed to the gel icing or royal icing. It was easier to make, and it didn't seem to make much of a difference since we weren't using piping bags anyway.

My cookies. Most proud of the giant pink whale on the right, the uh... social commentary zombie below, and of course the minimalist reindeer on the left.

Other award-winning creations include "Kangaroo with Stole"

 And Tony wins best use of toothpicks with this train

 And always, of course, the raccoon-deer!

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  1. (proper) red food colouring is hella expensive. it's why we didn't offer red icing for cakes at dairy queen