Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rough Week

I found out this week that the old man has snuggled his last. I wish I could find the one poem I wrote about him, but let me just say it was about one of those many moments that were too perfect to share with anyone else. We were a team, him and I. I'll miss him terribly.

In other news, I've finally set it up so I can watch The 4400 while doing homework. She's a small one, but she does the trick. I'm so proud of this laptop. It's such a sport. I almost named it Tugboat, but knew it would be Tug for short, and thought maybe that wasn't an appropriate name for a laptop... Maybe I'll stop anthropomorphizing things and just get a new dog.

To cheer me up though, in a karma sort of way, Katie's package arrived this week! More on that later, but I was most amused by this addition. Sure the little figurine is Dutch. It says 'Holland' right there! I even have one in my house. But this one? Straight from Iran.

As a last point, my wine is on its last legs, but that just removes all guilt for drinking it on a Tuesday night. It IS Tuesday today, right?


  1. i read that poem - it was lovely :) (but :( little dante)

    also... YESSSSS 4400. i miss it.

    (... ok, apparently i got a little behind on your blog, hence the delayed comment..)

    1. My statement was misleading: I know exactly where it is, but it's inaccessible :( Something about smoking a cigar on the balcony and your dog comes up and you know he doesn't like cigar smoke but he leans on your upwind side because he doesn't judge and anyway it's beautiful out. And it's just the two of you, enjoying the smells of lilacs and small rodents respectively... And you understand everything anyone ever said or wrote or felt about a dog.