Monday, March 18, 2013

Winter? What Winter?

And this was weeks ago! And it may be misleading since the window wasn't open for very long, but I'd set my toast on fire see, and was pleasantly surprised by the weather. Since then, the flowers have bloomed and the trees are getting leaves. The hostas are even starting to come up, or at least something is.

I think I might take the day off tomorrow. Really off. Clean some, cook a bit. Seems like I haven't eaten in a week. Maybe get serious about poking things with needles, instead of just letting my yarn slowly take over.

But hey, some cool things. I got to write another paper about Ulysses! Felt like a bit of a cop-out since I took a whole course on it, but this paper delineated the publication history, which is super interesting and which I'd never had the chance to really go into before.

I decided I was going to make a stand and specifically not drink on St Patrick's Day (the mild hangover helped this resolution). I was going to ignore it completely! Yeah! Then walked out of the house realizing I was wearing a green shirt after all. EVERY YEAR. I do wish I had some whiskey for a cake though. Or, you know, just to have.

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