Saturday, June 9, 2012

I uh... I went a little crazy

 I meant to update a couple of days ago, but I've been doing nothing but work on this quilt since then, so I'll just put everything up in one big mess. This, of course, is the attached blocks, without the borders. I was already running out of room in the studio to spread this out.
 On the plus side, I found an excellent Willie-themed fabric for the backing. I tried to get one that was all cookies, but they were short a metre, so I had to go with whales n'stuff. I realize it's possibly more Sophie-themed because I have this travel mug that features a Haida design of orca and salmon called "Unity," but comparing the two makes the quilt a symbol of unity and that makes me feel sappy, so I just make fun of one particular salmon on this fabric that looks particularly surprised. It's that one right there. See it?
 Thanks to the cutting spree that I complained far too much about, the borders are already cut!
 Placing them down for this demonstrative photo was supposed to be the end of it. Seeing what it looked like was supposed to be enough. It wasn't. I attached the borders before I had a chance to get the memory card out of my camera. What's more, I pre-washed and assembled the quilt backing practically by accident in the middle of the night.
 So, what we have here is me in the middle of a beer. Also spreading the batting over the backing. This thing is so big that I can't even get into my bedroom.
Dante decided that it needed to be stepped on just a little bit right there. Everything's set up for basting now. In fact, if the quilt wasn't too big to fit into my quilting frame, I'd be done by now. But I'll have to quilt it in my hoop, which means a bunch of extra lines of basting. Did I explain what basting is? Should I? I'm sewing it together just enough that everything stays in one place while I stretch and sew everything for reals. It's like pinning it, but with fewer sharp points. Except for my needle, which is somewhere in there and I'm not exactly sure where.

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