Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Life Lately

 Since quitting my job last week, which was a surprise even to me, I have finally had time to accomplish some things, aside from self-medicating and having lunches with people. First, my mom and I worked together to bring this couch upstairs! The staircase is narrow and winding, so we didn't get it done without some damage to the walls, but it turns out that the scrapes and dents that were already there must have been put there when the same couch was moved down there in the first place. So the damage was no worse than what was already there.
 I also put together this lamp. You can see some minor damage to the finish, which I disappointingly noticed when I took it out of the box. Also, there are supposed to be pre-drilled holes to screw in the holders for the electrical cord. There weren't. Not a problem, since the wood was soft enough that I could put it at the back where it would be even less noticeable than the suggested placement, but nevertheless I was unimpressed with the design. On the plus side, we have a way to display some Newfoundland knick-knacks that were sitting forgotten on a shelf somewhere.

 The bookcases that were originally in the room upstairs have been moved down to the studio. They're not all there yet, but now when I'm doing my pressing I get to look at some of my favourite possessions!

 This section is, of course, the most relevant. Although this is less than half of my quilting and crafting books (obvs, since there are only five). That Good Housekeeping Family Health and Medical Guuide? I bought that at a used bookstore as a joke, but it turns out it's not outdated enough to be funny.
 Oh, and I've finished most of the strips for the quilt-top, but I'm having a hard time staying motivated enough to get it done quickly.
 I always thought I hated getting flowers, because in my experience only your boyfriend gets you flowers, and he only does that when he's apologizing for something. Then I got over my distaste for anything traditional or overtly feminine and admitted that I do very much like having flowers around the house and that they're a perfectly fine gift. So I got some birthday begonias from my mom!
 And I installed a hook on the porch for some hanging begonias that are to cheer me up whenever I have to leave the house. I installed the hook poorly, but as long as it doesn't come out of the post completely, nobody will ever know.
 Going through my dad's books revealed some language readers that might be nice to take a look through. If not, they're still pretty.
And more flowers, all the better for being unexpected, from Willie's family :) Carnations for my special carnation mug!

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