Monday, July 23, 2012

My Studio is a Mess. But it's MY Mess.

 I haven't been working on much lately. I had this dress that I'd originally bought as a Halloween costume (as tempted as I am to put an apostrophe in Halloween, I'm too lazy to check whether the spelling I'm using is ACTUALLY correct, but it probably is, which is disappointing), when I went as Laura Ingalls Wilder. It was a bit... conservative. So, since my New Year's resolutions to lose a bit of weight have completely backfired, and since all my available funds have gone either into my car, or my new apartment, or books, or whathaveyou, I thought altering a dress would save some money over buying one. Turns out I did it perfectly, but the dress didn't actually fit in the first place. But I'll keep it on hand, in case the stress of the inevitable autumn fulfills my resolutions for me.

In other news, it is exactly one month until I move to Vancouver and everything changes. So, whenever I'm in my studio, I wonder what's going to happen to it once I leave, and that's stressful so I've mostly been quilting upstairs. I was all motivated yesterday thinking if I quilted a row a day I could be done in seventeen days! Then I remembered I still have the borders to do, but it's POSSIBLE.

 I've also nearly finished my proposed engagement present for Erin and Andrew! I'm hoping since she doesn't mind spoilers on TV shows, that she won't mind me putting this up a little early. My worry: Andrew's head looks so much smaller, and therefore my artistic sense says that the whole thing is unbalanced! But Erin just has more hair. All it needs now is a little varnish.

Which I found in a cabinet that I always assumed was empty! Yay!


  1. So pretty! I don't think it looks unbalanced at all!

    Oh hai little white fluffy skull thing!