Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Red Current Jelly, Wasps, etc.

 Spent another lovely weekend in Alma. But of all the beautiful things to photograph, I chose this infuriatingly hardy wasp.
 Most of the crafting and cooking this week has been done by my mother, rather than by me. She suggested we check out a tour of Little City Farm in Kitchener, which provided a ton of life-inspiration. I would love to live their life, but I'm also not quite ready to settle down just yet. Enough, though, that I helped pick a few red currants off of our bush, so my mom could make her famous red currant jelly. It's maybe not known outside of the house, but it should be.
And we've got a new dining tent for our family camping trip later this month! It's laughable how easy this thing is to put up, especially compared to the last one.

In other news, I've found a place to live in Vancouver that looks just perfect, and have booked my plane ticket for August 23rd. I'm also scared shitless about the whole thing. Coming up this week: second installment of First Aid Training, an interning session, and Willie's homecoming/birthday/graduation party!

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  1. Was "current" a typo, or was it just clever? You'll NEVER KNOW!