Saturday, January 28, 2012

Big Stuff

Oh right, I was going to update about that glass project. I haven't, for two very good reasons.

One, I've just been busy. I had an interview to prepare for, and apparently I did well, because I got the internship! Huge step in the right direction :) So for the next three months I'll be interning part time at Wolsak and Wynn, publisher of Canadian poetry and non-fiction. They seemed familiar when the posting came up, and it's because at different points I have written reviews of some of their publications, and wanted to submit to them as well. Of course, due to lack of confidence, I never did. Also, it's in Hamilton! And within walking distance of Willie's apartment, so it'll be nice to spend more time with him before he goes off to Germany for a couple of months (le sigh).

I also did a portrait sitting with Jon Tobin! He took this picture. Look! It's me! With art!

The second reason is that I've scrapped the project. I have a better idea anyway :) I'll get back to the glass at some point, but... I don't know when.

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