Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm a Little Overworked This Week(end)

My not going to school this semester has finally taken effect on my work schedule, so I've worked evenings all weekend. Evenings work better with my sleep schedule, so that's great, but really cut into my everything schedule. I've been trying to get started on my application to the publishing program at Simon Fraser, but the only time I have to work on it is at one in the morning, or ten in the morning, when I'm invariably exhausted.

I had Bronwyn look over my statement of purpose and apparently it's ok though, so maybe I can actually get those reference packages out this week. Bah!

And then THIS sorry excuse for a poached egg. The yolk had broken before it even hit the water :(

Nevertheless, I got some terrific Christmas presents from Katherine of Quinn Street fame!

I will definitely be making this one first.

Oh hey, an update on my own Christmas gifts I guess: bacon vodka is terrific with orange juice, but only ok with anything else (we tried coffee and ceasars). A bit greasy and salty on its own, but probably worth a second batch sometime soon. And my afghan will have to be a lapghan if I want to get it sent out by Valentine's Day.

Oh shoot that's coming up soon.


  1. I also have that zombie cross stitch kit! I have yet to make anything but I'm pretty excited.