Thursday, January 19, 2012

Half-size Afghan/Bluejay Costume

It's been quite some time since I finished anything. But Christmas happened, and this one was big!

 Dante especially likes it when I make larger things, as he gets to snuggle with them.
 At this point I was finished, but didn't feel like hiding all the tiny bits coming out of some of the edges, so I decided to add tassels instead!
 Tassels are finicky and take hours and hours.
But I think, in the end, my decision was the right one. So that's my second last Christmas present! The next one should only take a day, so I can likely get that done tomorrow. Oh wait I have to be at work at 2:00 for some sort of skills training, so maybe I'll have to wait until Sunday. Then I get a bunch of time off, which will be wonderful for getting this application done.

In other news, I have three references! Yay! Also spoke with artist Jon Tobin (conveniently also my uncle) who not only wants to schedule a sitting for another portrait, but asked if I wanted to take some drawing classes as well! I think I just might. And then use that knowledge in embroidery, since apparently I can do that pretty well. Well, I can do Beartato's face at least.

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