Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Neil Young eReader Case (and other odds and ends)

 Don't you love it when this happens? The Gevulde Speculaas was a hit, so I made it again with the leftover ingredients. I really didn't think I'd have enough ground almonds and tried to minimize losing any excess from measuring cup spillage so I busted out the scale! Dumped the lot onto the scale and it was EXACTLY the amount I needed.
 Dante doesn't need a blanket on Sunny days, but he does sleep just as much. He was watching me bake for a while, but it was too much for him.

 Oh right, the reason I hadn't been using my studio is because this mess was still there. Didn't take long to clean up though, so I free-handed a new ereader case! I have no idea what happened to my last one. I must have gotten stuffed into my brother's couch when I was visiting him or something.

But anyway, I kind of like this one better. It's not so overtly floral, and I didn't do any quilting stitches at all, although it does have batting in it. Also, the fabric perfectly matched these little doodads that Katherine once gave me "in case I ever think of something to do with them." I think she found them in the street. But the point is, I DID find something to do with them!

Something pretty cool, I think.

I was thinking of embroidering it a bit too, but even though I don't say it much, sometimes embroidery floss and I REALLY don't get along. I don't even know how this happened.

Oh, and I've been working on small cross stitch projects for too long. I'd been dying to get back to this one, completely forgetting how mind bogglingly difficult it is.

One more thing: Does anyone know where I can things framed cheaply in the area? I've been going to Michael's but I'm cleaned out of funds even with their 60% + $10 off coupon.

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