Thursday, February 9, 2012

Packaging Woes

Many days after I finished the lapghan, I finally bought a box! Then the box sat in its wrapping on my stairs for a few days. Then I put the box together, put the lapghan in, and wrote the little note to go with :)

Then I realized there was no packing tape in my house. Not a problem, I thought. There's packing tape at work. But just in case, I asked my mom, and got a "p-... pah... what?" Turns out she didn't even know what it is, so of course we don't have any. I guess I get it, although she helped me move that one time and we used so much packing tape I don't know how you could ever forget it.

ANYWAY, so I took this open package to work and got to show off my crocheting skills which was pretty neat. Except when I looked for the packing tape it WASN'T THERE. I ask maintenance, but it's locked in the housekeeping office. I try to get in touch with head of housekeeping, but she's in a meeting. Not a problem, I just waited until later and got the whole hotel on it, so now uh... maybe there's a little too much tape on it. We went a little crazy.

Also, it's now sitting in my car, since I haven't had a chance to go to a post office since all this happened.

Otherwise, still thinking about possible visas and moving and other languages and all that. Have decided to follow this blog for ideas, inspiration, possible solidarity.

In other news, I licked a lot of envelopes today. Reminds me of making school valentines back in the day. 

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