Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quinn Street Cameo!

Well, not exactly. But I did, while still living on Quinn Street, decide to make mostly Dutch recipes from a book I got out of the library. After realizing that I owed nine dollars in late fees, I begrudgingly scanned my favourites and returned the book. This was, what, a year and a half ago?

Point is, I finally made one of the recipes. BUT WHICH ONE?! Since I've been meaning to make speculaas since December, I guess it's not really a secret. But Dutch baking makes me so happy. There are so many things in my kitchen that are too specific to use most of the time, like the full sized salmon poacher, or the pepper mill, or the speculaas moulds or pretty much everything. So! I used four spices that were on the shelf that I've never used before, the special nutmeg grater that I have used before, the mortar and pestle which I'd never used before because it apparently doesn't work, but generally found that my kitchen was favourable to making Dutch favourites.

Such characters in today's tableau are: My favourite Emile Henry yellow baking dish! Using this always makes me happy. Alas, describing it as "my favourite" kind of implies that it is mine. Let me specify that none of this equipment belongs to me.

 The ever charming pepper mill, out of which I had to rescue a handful of cloves from god knows when. Actually this mill has a sordid past. It sits on a very high shelf and is never used because my mom hates it. Turns out an ex girlfriend gave it to my father forty years ago, or something. But it's so PERFECT for grinding spices.
 The recipe I was using said that the dough could also be used in wooden cookie moulds, if I had them. At first I thought "who would ever have those" and then remembered. OH, HEEEEEEY: special guest star!
 Oh my goodness. I cleaned this, don't worry.
Awesome. But it's a surprise. They're cooling. Also the cookies didn't turn out very well. Plus I've already eaten them.

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