Sunday, December 18, 2011

ALSO (anger)

I got a package on Friday, but I missed the delivery. Got one of those "pick it up after one tomorrow!" deals.

But I sleep through Saturday and work eight hours in the evening so I don't get there until today, when (now I cut and paste):

but the guy in front of me wants a change of address, but he's all "I already did it and I paid online but they sadi I had to come to the nearest post office for confirmation" and then the post office guy was like "what? So you've paid? Because I can't like... I can't do that. I can start a new one if you like" and the guy was like "well fine, I guess. But can't you just pull up my file and show that I've paid?" "oh, you've paid though? Do you have a page you can print out to confirm that you've paid?" and the guy was like "no... that's why I'm here, it said to come to you" and so they started the process from the beginning and it was all very confusing and took maybe twenty minutes, and the next woman just wanted stamps, and for some reason even THAT confused the guy, because there were so many kinds and I could tell this sweet old lady was about three seconds from yelling JUST GIVE ME SOME FUCKING STAMPS ALREADY I DON'T CARE WHAT'S ON THEM. so FINALLY it's my turn, and he scans it and is just like "oh it's in transit." And I'm all "... but they left this two days ago so it should have been here yesterday." and he's like "they're making another dropoff tomorrow so it should be ready at one tomorrow. Sometimes when they say tomorrow they mean the next business day" and I really wanted to chew him a new one, since I'd been waiting at least half an hour to NOT get my package, but if it's not there it's not there, so I went and spent too much money on yarn at the craft store next door.

Point is, I can start my afghan now :)

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