Friday, December 2, 2011

Details Schmetails

The workspace looks a LITTLE better, although the whole room is still depressingly dark and cluttered. But at least I have this little space.

It'll be enough for now. Well, I assume it will be. I haven't actually tried to get anything done in there yet. But I'm well on my way! To dispute the impression that you'll inevitably get that I drink quite a bit, I must explain that the unopened bottle of vodka is in fact part one of the first Christmas present I'm making. It takes three weeks, so I have to get a move on. What will it be? Oh, the mystery!

Ok, I'm trying my hand at flavouring booze. Mystery solved.

Speaking of, I'm now going to encourage the impression that I drink a lot by sharing this lovely bottle that I bought for the syringe-like handles and shared with the boyfriend on a cold October evening.
The rum itself is pretty ordinary, although it does have a particular paint-thinning quality about it, probably due a detail that we'd overlooked until we'd dipped in:
I'm surprised we can both still see. Anyhow, neat-o bottle which is now proudly on my window sill, available at your neighbourhood LCBO.

Plans for the day include visiting my grandmother, going to the pharmacy, depositing some cheques (BIG DEAL!!!!!), preparing Christmas present number one, maybe making my favourite Sinterklaas treat (speculaas!), and one other thing... what was it... oh dear. It was probably one of those things.

update: Willie says he doesn't think it tasted that ordinary. Shows what I know.

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