Monday, December 5, 2011

Busy Weekend (or: Why My Grandmother is Awesome)

BIG, LONG, WEEKEND. Well, I visited my grandmother on Friday, and MEANT to make speculaas, my favourite Sinterklaas treat for Sunday, but unfortunately ran out of time because I made the best curry ever. I finished it today! So yummy. Fortunately, even though Sinterklaas has come and gone, an aunt of mine had sent a package of speculaas, so the holiday wasn't lacking. PLUS I have everything I need to make my own any time, so maybe I'll make some for Christmas as well. Oh wait, I don't have muscovado sugar because I couldn't find any. Because why? Because what the hell is it, anyway?

And the rest of the weekend? Worked a full workday on Saturday. Got a $25 gift card for Walmart, which is unexpected. I haven't decided yet whether to spend it on myself, or to spend it on presents for others. Technically, buying something would save me the time and effort of making something, so it might be a present to myself anyway.

Ran from work to Alma for boyfriend's mother's birthday. Indian food. More deliciousness.

Sunday I may have accosted Willie's family with pictures of my niece and dog. Ran home for Sinterklaas! He knocked on the door, made a mess. Missed him as usual. Will never get that autograph.

And today I went to work as well, I guess. I'd forgotten because I hauled my way in there at eight and was back in bed by 2 pm. Stayed there until dinner time. Mom's meatloaf. So good.

Anyway, what was my point? Crafts, I guess. It's rather crazy that I would normally be a mess after a weekend like this, but my newly-responsive-to-medication self is finding it a little easier to fit creative goals in with family time and working on the projected visual component for my sales and marketing group's sales conference presentation.

I made that sound fancy, didn't I? All that I'm really getting from it is a reminder that Powerpoint is dumb.

And yet! I had a nice bath and read a little bit further in Unbroken. One thing I really wish I had more time for is reading, but once this sales conference is over I can stop commuting, which will give me more book time!

In other news, THIS is the second part of that flavoured-vodka-Christmas present?! Ew.

The best part is that the only vessel I could find for it was an old pickle jar. I pity whoever finds it before it's ready. Three more weeks!

And the visit to my grandparents'? Fruitful! She was so upset to give these up, because it means she won't be making any more quilts. It really is sad. My grandmother not only taught me to quilt, she was also an important part of the Mennonite quilting community around Kitchener, and donated a lot to auctions and stuff. She's pretty amazing, and more amazing for giving me these. I'll give'm a good home though.

There were actually five, but the last one had other needlework as well which she might still do. She just made me a fabulous cross stitch for my graduation, so she's still got impressive creative output. So I just looked through that one and made her keep it.

My mom wants me to make this for the table, so I might do that. I made a non-Christmas quilt in Christmas colours last year, so I might even be able to make it festive. I'll check it out tomorrow, see if I have enough.

STILL though, I'm only making it if I can make the other side pirate-themed. Oh right! I have this:

Problem solved.

One last thing. I had a whole photoshoot with my niece, but this is exactly the picture I wanted. You will find out why! Soon!

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