Thursday, December 15, 2011

And Then This

Really, the exciting thing about not cutting anymore and putting my mat away was that I have my workspace available for other things now! So I started work on my next mystery project. Now the oval is white! I'll try to do the rest tomorrow, but I really do have to buy materials for other gifts.

Oh, and I finished the binding for the table runner! That means it's completely finished!!! I'm not really that happy with it, to be honest. I'm really hoping it looks better in the light of day. But the setting squares were so much bigger than they needed to be for some reason, and I didn't bother to attach the binding in a straight line to compensate for it. Having the middle star extend beyond the borders was tricky, it turns out. However, I'm not discouraged. The second I finished I already missed quilting again.

And I managed to finish it while watching Descent. I meant to take a break from Buffy, but ended up watching a movie about six women fighting off humanoid cave demon things. Efforts to branch out were thwarted.

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