Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve!

I've been terribly ill today. While this made me miss out on most of the fantastic food, it did not stop me from going to work (even though my boss tried to get me to go home again, since I was deathly pale), and it certainly didn't stop me from making a case for my new Kobo!!!!

It is, however, stopping me from really talking about it or uploading pictures. I've been heaving and convulsing since five this morning, and... well... I should recover.

Hopefully I'll get to it tomorrow, because as of tomorrow afternoon I'll be far too busy and without internet.

On the other hand, I should spend tomorrow trying to figure out my new Magellan GPS thingy!!! I'm really excited to have it, but I am NOT excited to set it up. Turns out I love gadgets. To a point.

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