Thursday, December 1, 2011

For the love of Pete.

First thing's first. I am officially old-fashioned. I don't like this whole internet thing, and I've been digging in my heels and finger nails trying to avoid living a life that relies on the internet. But I was kidding myself; I refused to get a Twitter account, but don't get me STARTED on Netflix (I'm halfway through my first rewatch of Buffy, then Angel, then an Arrested Development marathon, then maybe all of River Monsters AGAIN, why not?).

But there are other factors at play here. First, I love books. Paper books. I never wanted an e-reader, for example, and still don't understand them, really. But second, in a ballsy last-minute life decision, I decided to get a certificate in publishing. Well it SEEMED last minute... that "I'm graduating in three months and don't know where to start looking for a job so I'll pick... uh... *closes eyes and points* EDITING!" Then I join the Editor's Association of Canada, and find out it's not so easy as all that. So I start taking some courses in the Ryerson Publishing Certificate program, and am officially enrolled. Clap, clap, I know.

But to get anywhere in publishing, you already have to BE somewhere. That somewhere is the internet :(. So here I am, knee-deep in tweets and starting a NEW blog, even though I haven't posted to the old one in three months or so. But this one is DIFFERENT. This one is dedicated not to cooking, which usually makes my hands too dirty and my mind too focused to take pictures or think about words or whatever, but to CRAFTS! And to whatever else is on my mind. Usually crafts.

But that whole thing where your workspace matches your headspace? Yeah, well this happened:So, considering I plan on making everyone's Christmas presents... well... we'll see.

Let's follow a plan here: I'll organize this a little later on. For now, my mother and I are going to try out this place

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