Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Scrooge E-Reader Case!

I thought I'd use my newly acquired sewing skills to whip up a quick case for my new Kobo!!! It was going to be so simple that of course I tried to do it in the time between getting home from work and changing out of my uniform. Didn't happen. Did I mention I was deathly ill on Christmas Eve? I did? Oh. Sorry.

Long story short, I guess, I think I have a problem. I work until eleven on Christmas Eve, sick as a dog, come home, and almost have to be tied down to a comfy armchair in front of a lovely wood fire to watch Scrooge with the family. Why? Because I need my rest. But no, I sneak away and continue sewing because I know I'll want to have a nice case when I take my e-reader for a spin tomorrow! Why couldn't I do it the next day? Because I'd be too busy sleeping in, that's why. One of those "I'll sleep when I'm dead" philosophies.

I wish I'd been a little more in control of myself though. I'm happy with the case, but if I thought about it, I could have made it a little neater. But no matter: I had enough of my favourite fabric to make the outside, and enough flannelet for the lining. And of course, good old cotton batting.

So, step one, cut two rectangles of your soft lining fabric, two rectangles of your outer pretty fabric, and two rectangles of cotton batting.

Make sure you make the rectangles big enough that your e-reader will actually fit inside the case. Mine was just a touch too narrow, so I couldn't reinforce the seams like I did with the Hot Beartatos.

Oh my goodness I don't even REMEMBER this part. I think I attached the width of one pretty rectangle to the width of one soft rectangle, print sides in. Do this twice. In one, I put a loop, made in the same way as Beartato's ears. You could go back to that post and find out what I mean, but I don't think I explained it there either. Tough.

Press the two rectangles reverse sides in. Insert cotton batting. Sew along the seam again, thus attaching the three rectangles together! Then machine quilt however you want. My lining fabric had vertical stripes, so I just used select stripes as a guide to quilt lines along the rectangles.

The rest is really simple. Press and pin the resulting two rectangles together, and sew in a U. It's pretty obvious that the reinforced seam is the opening of the case, and SHOULD NOT BE SEWN SHUT. Then turn it inside out, press, and you're done! Unless you made your rectangles wider than mine in which case you might want to sew around the sides and bottom again. It'll be a bit nice maybe.

I added a decorative button that I tore off a tea cozy I never use.

Another terrible thing? My work desk is an absolute disaster now

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