Friday, December 9, 2011


Spent all morning at my real (i.e. paying) job. Beat.

But I made great progress yesterday! I finished piecing the table runner!

And managed to start the quilting. Can you believe that quilting hoop was $27?! I can't. That's crazy. However, it's a nice size and very convenient. If shopping didn't make me so angry, I'd be very pleased indeed.

Speaking of shopping! I bought the rest of the materials I need to make my niece's present. The one I needed that picture for? Yeah, that's all the hints I give.

Since I spent so much on a stupid hoop, I decided to splurge on an oak oval for $9.99. It has a much nicer weight than the softwood ovals they offered for $2ish. Paints were also minimal, but not great quality, I'm assuming. And fortunately, I found some nice paintbrushes, so I was right not to spend ANOTHER $7 on those.

Have I mentioned I'm poor?

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